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    Introducing T-Series
    Flexibility and Reliability
    Watercut Meters for all applications.
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    The REAL Easy One. Water In Oil Monitoring
    We provide full application evaluation
    so your meters can provide reliable results.
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    Continuous research and testing in our test-loop.
    Demo and Training now available also in America.
    You are welcome to Houma (Louisiana) for demonstration.

ZelenTech is all about water in oil.

ZelenTech is a fluid measurement company specializing in Water Cut Monitors (also known as BS&W, OWD, WFM or Water in Oil Analysers) for Oil & Gas Industry as well as Water In Oil Monitors for lubrication systems in Heavy Machinery and Marine applications.

Watercut Meters

ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Meters (BS & W, OWM)


  • Automatic Temp Comp
  • Built in Density Comp
  • HART + Modbus available
  • PC Interface




  • S-Series (Welded Design)
  • F-Series (Flanged Design)
  • I-Series (Flanged Insert)
  • T-Series (3/4 NPT Insert)


  • 0-25% Water in Oil
  • 0-60% Water in Oil
  • 0-100% Water in Oil

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13 Apr

History of the ZT100 Watercut Meter

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water Cut Meter is rooted in the Capacitance Measurement Technology originally developed by Swedish entrepreneurs Hans and Jorgen Lindahl some 15 Read more

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Introducing the I-Series Watercut meter

The ZelenTech I-Series is a new range of insert meters developed in-house

The I-Series is inserted vertically into large lines through a 2 inch or 3 inch nozzle.

  • Inherits functionality and safety from the F-Series.
  • Fully Blow-Out Proof Safe design.
  • Up to ANSI Class 1500 or 250 barg.
  • Retractable.
  • Retractable under pressure (available soon).
  • NEL, ATEX or GOST certifications available.
See the I-Series

Research and Development

ZelenTech is investing heavily in research and development, building excellence on the stable foundation of previous product lines.

Capitalizing on the technical know-how and market knowledge of its founders, the ZT-100 Series has been successfully deployed in many different industry applications around the world. The product range covers measurement devices for Water Cut (Oil & Gas) and Water In Oil Monitors for Heavy Machinery and Marine Applications. The measurement devices are complemented with equipment for presentation and data collection as well as Stream Conditioning. The company specifically targets custom design solutions for its clients.

ZelenTech's upcoming modular electronics based on low power high performance ICs as used in smart phones and tablets will bring us to a new level.

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Presence in America

Office in Louisiana

ZelenTech is opening a sales office in America in joint-venture with our fabricator partner.

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