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Marine Applications

Marine Applications

Lubrication Oil System:

Detect Excessive Water Contamination

Water in the lubrication system can lead to corrosive wear of the overlayer and lead to mechanical damage to crosshead bearings. The costs to fix such damages are high: parts, material and labor are one part of the equation the other is the crippling effect of marine vessel down time.

Know your water limit—the higher the water content the faster the wear rate.

Water In Fuel Emulsions (WIFE):

For a greener world
ZelenTech provides special models dedicated to monitor and control Water Injection for Fuel. Adding water to reduce NOX and optimize engine effectivity is moving from trial projects into full scale operation and legislation is expected to force implementation in many parts of the world.

Warning Limits For Water (%) (Source Chevron)
Medium-speed Diesel Engines0.30.5
Slow-speed Engine System Oil0.30.5
Turbo Chargers0.055.0
Turbo Generators0.055.0
Steam Turbines0.055.0
Gear Boxes0.055.0
Hydraulic Systems0.055.0
Air Compressors0.055.0
Stern Tubes0.35.0

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