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Leroy Lai

Soybean & Canola Oil Measurement

Measuring Soybean & Canola Oil with ZT100 Water-In-Oil Monitor Following the success in measuring one of world's most consumed vegetable oil (palm oil), we continue to strive in finding out the next 2 most consumed vegetable oil used to date. Soybean & canola oil. Utilizing the ...

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Oil

Phosphate esters are used primarily as fire-resistant base stocks in several applications including hydraulic systems, turbines and compressors. Their high ignition temperatures, excellent oxidation stability and very low vapor pressures make them difficult to burn, while their low heats ...

OGA 2017 – SEA Biggest Oil & Gas show.

Oil and Gas Asia (OGA 2017) was held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from 11– 13 July 2017. OGA is Asia’s largest oil and gas industry event and we are there ...