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BS&W in Crude Oil

BS&W in Crude Oil

ZelenTech Pte Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions to the ever increasing need of operators to accurately determine BS&W in a crude oil stream. Water in oil is a problem and always needs to be monitored , not just in upstream oil production but also in downstream refining, distribution and transmission. An example of this is the process of electrostatic treatment where it is necessary to remove water and solids from oil prior to processing.

For example - After completion of primary oil/water separation, oil is further treated to remove water and salt prior to shipment. Heat is applied to crude oil separated in the production separators or other primary separation equipment and then mixed with wash water from desalination or sulfate removal processes to help remove salt, generally chloride, from oil. After mixing, the oil/water solution is sent to a pressurized vessel where it is separated.

To aid separation, an electric current is used to create an electric potential that helps break emulsions and separates oil and water. Particles will become electrically charged and move towards a plate that carries the opposite charge. On the way, they collide with other particles and become larger through coalescence.

After water particles become large enough to overcome the electrical field that holds them in place, they will separate by gravity. Desalted and dehydrated oil is separated for shipment while water containing salt and solids is removed for further treatment prior to discharge or injection.

On the other hand , oilfield operators might be determining BS&W (Basic sediments and water) content in crude oil during custody transfer applications. The crude oil produced could be comingled crude oil from different fields.

BS&W can be  determined using laboratory standards e.g ASTM Standard D96, D4007 or the API Document "Sediment and Water", Chapter 10, Section 2, 'Determination of Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method".

Other methods available for water in crude oil are ASTM D4377, D4928, IP386.

There are companies that also specialize in various test methods of crude oil analysis required for custody transfer who might perform other tests according to international standards.

BS&W measurements are important for quality and economic reasons because with this information the customer becomes aware of the amount of crude feedstock which should be accounted into "losses" and the quality of the crude which can affect drastically the efficiency of refining processes.


Crude oil sampling and laboratory analyses are both used to verify quality and value of crude in fiscal contracts. Worldwide, the standards from the American Petroleum Institute (API) in particular are used as the basis for fiscal accountability. However, all of these methods do not reveal realtime, the quality of the liquid which is flowing between custodial points and it is in the interest of the pipeline operator, buyer and seller of the oil to know “realtime” during transfer, the average liquid quality. The main constituent of interest to all of the above concerned is water. To have a good “realtime” minute by minute monitoring of water in crude oil will give comfort to all parties that 1. The oil is good 2. If the oil increases in water content then immediate measures can be taken to divert wet oil flow and take corrective action.

Also, although not accepted as a method of fiscal accounting, net oil and net water computation can be done by simultaneously effecting mass measurement and water content. This net oil, net water computation will also give comfort and correlate with the established standard methods and verify on a real time basis that the results being obtained in the laboratory are of the right order. The founders of ZelenTech Inc. has long experience in the industry and are able to provide you with solutions that work. Whatever your needs are we are here to talk to you. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our headquarters and manufacturing facility at ZelenTech Inc.

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