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BS&W Monitor for LACT units

BS&W Monitor for LACT units

Traditionally users of LACT units will refer to a water in oil monitor as a BS&W PROBE or BS&W MONITOR. An electronic device that is capable of determining the amount of Basic Sediment and Water (BS&W) is an integral part of most LACT Units. The system consists of an inline “BS&W monitor” that monitors the flowing stream and communicates to an electronic display device which will know if the LACT Unit is experiencing an excess BS&W content.

This insures that only the highest quality of “Merchantable Oil” is delivered to pipeline and the pipeline thus avoiding undesirable BS&W. When a set point for BS&W is reached , the display/controller will be used to control a diverting valve which diverts the fluid stream back to a retreating facility whenever the BS&W content exceeds the desirable setting. If the BS&W content of the flowing stream drops below the Monitor setting, the diverting valve returns the fluid to the pipeline and normal automatic operation continues.

The ZelenTech ZT-100 BS&W monitors are manufactured in all stainless 316S and generally installed in a vertical run of pipe for LACT applications. As the amount of BS&W changes for a particular gravity of crude oil, so does the dielectric constant. With the aid of the BS&W Monitor, a BS&W adjustment can be set that will provide an electric output when the percentage BS&W setting is exceeded.

For more information on the ZT-100 BS&W meter for LACT unit applications, please contact ZelenTech Pte Ltd.

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