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OGA 2017 – SEA Biggest Oil & Gas show.

Oil and Gas Asia (OGA 2017) was held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from 11– 13 July 2017. OGA is Asia’s largest oil and gas industry event and we are there...

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History of the ZT100 Watercut Meter

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water Cut Meter is rooted in the Capacitance Measurement Technology originally developed by Swedish entrepreneurs Hans and Jorgen Lindahl some 15 years ago. In 2001 the technology was used by then Water Cut Meter...

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Replacement Project Canada

Zelentech is proud to announce that co-operation with Canadian company Enerfest is now allowing the usage of Zelentech ZT-100 units in all Canadian territories. Canadian certification issues related to Hazardous Area and Pressure regulations are resolved. Enerfests market reach and...

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Large LACT Skid, Louisiana

At the mouth of the Mississippi In October 2015 the Zelentech ZT-100 8 inch F-Series operated side-by-side with other brands of Watercut meters have completed a 1 year trial run at the Crimson Pipe Line, Louisiana. A quick calculation using the Smith Meters volume indicators shows...

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Insertion Watercut Meters Malaysia

Malaysia agent Exact Alliance receives order for FPSO Lease Contract for Madura Strait BD Field Developmen. The Zelentech ZT100 I-Series device is ATEX certified and uses a SS316L EXD enclosure. Zelentech is proud to supply this high end all-SS316L insertion unit for this application....

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IECEx certification for the ZT-100 Water Cut Meter

Zelentech Pte Ltd is happy to announce that the ZT-100 Water Cut Meters are now available with IECEx EXD certification. This certification is provided in cooperation with Bartec. All ZT-100 models can be supplied with IECEx Ex d IIC T6 ÷ T4 Gb Flame Proof (EXD) certification as of May...

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Water In Fuel Meters - Disney Dream

Reduction of harmful substances in Ship Engine Exhaust Zelentech is proud to be the prefered partner for IPCO Fuel Scrubbers being installed for full scale test and trials onboard the 129,690 GT, 4,100 passenger cruise ship Disney Dream. The so far secret method...

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GOST Certified Meters for Russia

GOST Certified Meters for Russia. Russia Agent MS-Service continues to see orders for Zelentech ZT-100 Watercut meters in Russia despite the market being on a downturn due to the current low oil prices. Improved efficency in refinig process validates the usage of...

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Off-Shore Watercut Meters Malaysia

Malaysia agent Exact Alliance receives order for Murphy Oil Sarawak Platform upgrade project. The two ATEX Certified units wil be installed during scheduled platform shut-down end of April 2015. Off-Shore job is done by Exact Alliance well trained technicians having received necessary...

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Zelentech in Brazil

Zelentech success in Brazil. Zelentech Pte Ltd receives a second large order from Brazil for High Range Watercut Meters with integrated Static Mixers. Production for 10 units with EXD Class 1, Division 1 hazardous area is in full production scheduled for delivery...

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Zelentech new facility

Zelentech Pte Ltd is moving it's Sales Office and Production. Zelentech Pte Ltd is moving it's Production as well as Sales Office to Oxley Biz Hub. This step is taken to accommodate growing sales figures of the ZT-100 Watercut Meter, co-operation with Donovan Controls for a...

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China International Marine, Port & Shipbuilding Fair, Nanjing, China

Exhibition Pictures China International Marine, Port & Shipbuilding Fair, Nanjing,...

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