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History of the ZT100 Watercut Meter

  • History of the ZT100 Watercut Meter

History of the ZT100 Watercut Meter

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water Cut Meter is rooted in the Capacitance Measurement Technology originally developed by Swedish entrepreneurs Hans and Jorgen Lindahl some 15 years ago.

In 2001 the technology was used by then Water Cut Meter manufacturer Thermo Electron. The Thermo Electron product line originated from the capacitance probe pioneers Hydril/Flow Automation and the merger with the Lindahl’s technology resulted in a device with top of the line electronics backed by decades of field experience.

As of 2016 the Lindahl's produce a range of Water Cut Meters under the Zelentech name. Production takes place in Singapore, Louisiana and Alberta depending on end customer location. The weight of full bore meters are many times prohibitive and being nearer to the users saves a lot on freight charges.

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