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Large LACT Skid, Louisiana

Large LACT Skid, Louisiana

At the mouth of the Mississippi

In October 2015 the Zelentech ZT-100 8 inch F-Series operated side-by-side with other brands of Watercut meters have completed a 1 year trial run at the Crimson Pipe Line, Louisiana. A quick calculation using the Smith Meters volume indicators shows that the amount of oil that has passed this LACT skid in one year is in the excess of 1 billion dollars. Relying on Zelentech meters for this high value transfer station is what we call trust.

The excellent results achived provides viable proof that the ZT-100 is a viable option for Gulf Cost operators. The Zelentech ZT-100 is being sold, supported and serviced by the excellent folks over at our Zelentech USA office in Houma.

From Houma we are able to serve not only the busy Gulf region with it's spider-web of pipelines and numerous refineries but also all other parts of America.

With the new Zelentech USA in full operation we are able to manufacture components in Louisiana and get away from the expensive freights involved in flying heavy units from Singapore to America.

With the large proving skid available at the Houma office we are able to do training and demonstrations for all american customers. Currently we have the F-Series and the T-Series available in the measurement skid, but with a bit of heads up we can install and demo also other models.

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