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Office in Louisiana, USA | ZelenTech
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Office in Louisiana, USA

Office in Louisiana, USA

Good Morning America!

May 2014 we entered into co-operation with Donovan Controls who act as our US Office. Established in Houma, Louisiana, just south of beautiful New Orleans.

Donovan Controls provides Sales Support as well as US localized production significantly extending our capability in the Americas.

From Houma we will be able to serve not only the busy Gulf region with it's spider-web of pipelines and numerous refineries but also all other parts of America.

In co-operation with our local partners we are able to manufacture components in Louisiana and get away from the expensive freights involved in flying heavy units from Singapore to America. Our local partners build all kinds of systems and skids and can provide any add-on function you may ever require. From simple local displays to automated divert valves and all they way to complete LACT Systems with any bells and whistles you may need.

This local co-operation also enables us to supply ZT-100 Watercut meters as well as static mixers built from 100% US sourced steels.

We also believe our US customers will be happy to get access to sales and support directly in US. Further on it also gives us access to a test rig in US for calibration, FAT and customer demonstration and training sessions.

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