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Replacement Project Canada

Replacement Project Canada

Zelentech is proud to announce that co-operation with Canadian company Enerfest is now allowing the usage of Zelentech ZT-100 units in all Canadian territories. Canadian certification issues related to Hazardous Area and Pressure regulations are resolved.

Enerfests market reach and energetic approach is now opening up the Canadian market for the The Zelentech ZT100 and we are happy to announce that we already secured orders for large replacement project where old units that has been in service for decades are now being replaced on a large scale by the Zelentech ZT-100.

The safe blow-out proof ZT-100 Series Watercut Meters are excellent for all Canadian applications, and the availability of High Temp versions makes it well suited to the high temperatures often being used with Canadian oils. Easy set-up and built in compensation provides a reliable measurement with a low need for operator training. Dimensionally compatible with other common brands from the past the T-100 slots right in and can be up and running in minutes. Contact Zelentech or any of our excellent agents for more information as well as sales and support.

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