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ZT100 T-Series

ZT-100 T-Series

ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Meters (BS & W, OWM)


  • Automatic Temp Comp
  • Optional Density Comp
  • HART + Modbus available
  • PC Interface



The ZelenTech T-Series is a new range of insert Watercut Monitors (also known as BS&W, OWD, WFM or Water in Oil Analyzers) developed in-house

The T-Series is primarily designed for insertion into smaller pipes and specifically targeted at Well-Head applications where this type of meters are in common use. The ZT100 T=Series will fit in any 3/4 inch NPT socket previously used for other brands using similar designs.

The T-Series is inserted through a 3/4 inch NPT nipple and complements the I-Series insertion meters that is geared towards large pipes.

The ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Monitor determines the percent watercut in an oil emulsion without requiring the physical separation of the fluids. The emulsion stream is continuously monitored for capacitance and converted into percentage of water by the Watercut Monitor logic.

  • Inherits functionality and safety from the well proven ZT-100 F, S and I-Series.
  • Fully Blow-Out Proof Safe design.
  • Up to ANSI Class 600#
  • Retractable.
  • Retractable under pressure (available soon).
  • NEL, ATEX or GOST certifications available.

T-Series General Data

Principle of OperationHigh Frequency Digital Capacitance
Repeatability0.01% Absolute
Max Water100%
Temp Compensation Range0°C – 180°C

T-Series Specification

Response time1 sec
Output4-20mA + HART
Power Supply24VDC (Loop Powered)
Power Consumption0.66W Max
Temperature (Media)+150° C (250 with High Temp Option)
Temperature (Ambient)+60° C
Ingress ProtectionIP66 / Nema 4X & 7
Measurement Range0-100%
Pressure RatingUp to Class 600#
Probe entry nozzle sizes3/4 inch NPT
Line Sizes Nominal Sizes2 or 3 inch or larger using adapter
Material (Standard)316L (Optional Duplex, Monel or other steels)
Seals and electrical insulatorsPEEK

T-Series Mechanical Data

Wetted Steel Material316L Standard (More exotic materials available)
Max. Working PressureUp to Class 600#
Max. Fluid Temperature180°C Standard (240°C Optional)
Max. Ambient Temperature65°C
Process Connection3/4 inch NPT or 2 inch flanged adapter

The ZT-100 is available with a variety of certifications to suit different locations


EXD Class 1, Division 1


II 2 GD Ex d IIC T6÷T4 - Ex tD A21 IP 66/67 T85°C ÷ T135°C


Certified GOST EXD (Russia)

T-Series Configurations and Features

3/4 inch NPT Insertion Model:

  • Sits through elbows into 2 inch or 3 inch lines.
  • Suits larger pipes using adaptors
  • Qucik and simple setup
  • Compatible with existing 3/4 inch nozzles made for similar instrument designs
  • Compatible with any Piping Specification

Measurement Ranges:

  • 0-100% water in oil

Design Features:

  • Safe Blow-Out Proof Design
  • Low Flow distortion
  • 2-wire Loop powered
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Optional Density Compensation
  • Retractable

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