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LACT and ACT Units for Automated Custody Transfer

  • LACT and ACT Units for Automated Custody Transfer

ZelenTech brings Donovan Controls LACT / ACT units to Asia and Middle East. Design and key components comes from Louisiana, USA, with skids and piping built locally in Singapore for larger units. This ensures high quality, rapid deliveries and systems that work reliably year in and year out.

Please feel free to contact us for this exciting new offering. Donovan Controls LACT units are used all over the Gulf of Mexico by large oil companies and pipe line operators.

6 inch LACT Unit

Donovan Controls LACT unit for Walter Oil & Gas. Among many features fitted with Bi-Directional Flow Prover, Sample Pots, Static Mixers, Iso-Kinetic Sampling System, Smith PD Meters, ZelenTech Watercut monitors and Flow Computers. Fully traceable measurement to national standards.

Shell Pipeline RTC Training LACT Skid

Designed and supplied by Donovan Controls in cooperation with instrument, valve and accessories suppliers.